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Summer with Palazzo Pants

  It was raining when we left the house to meet our old friends in Saratoga Springs. Kids were sitting in the back of car enjoying listing to songs. We reached few minutes late, but for good. Rain just stopped when we found a parking spot. We walked fast towards The Wheatfields restaurant, where ourRead more

How I taught my little girl to organize her closet

Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends up. – Kate Spade   My little girl used to love wearing Princess Tiana costume when she was a toddler, then as she becomes little older, she started sticking to all comfy t-shirts, leggings, and sneakers. Now she has become a huge fan of HermioneRead more

Solutions to everyday problems of busy moms

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on back to school problems which most of us busy moms face in the morning. Here is the link to that post. In this post, I will focus on the following problems and some solutions which work for me. I hope you will find some answers will applyRead more

Bright in Blue

Last week I went for a networking dinner at Cornell University. It was a beautifully organized dinner for recruiters and students. Attire was business casual. I picked this blue dress inspired by celebrities of mine which I bought from Kohl’s and paired it with a black blazer, and then realized had seen this on ReeseRead more

And we are back to school again

Summer just flew in the blink of an eye. The roller coasters ride, museum visits, playing in water and sand, making bubbles in the backyard, riding bikes and sleepovers are now coming to an end. What is going to start now are Homework, making friends, school picture day, running after the school bus in theRead more

When you are not size zero

I am petite and not at all size zero. I love watching movies and a huge Bollywood fan. I still remember when I was a teenager, I used to get many of my outfits tailored to styles like Bollywood actresses. I think, I still love Bollywood fashion and whenever possible, I try to find outRead more

Living 7000 miles apart

When I think about my parents, then the first thing that comes to my mind is love, love unconditional, followed by worries. I live in New York, approximately 7000 miles away from my parents who live in Delhi. Two big states with lots of people to interact with but if I don’t call my parents,Read more

Mixed vegetable soup- An Indian recipe

This weekend I was sick, and our friends were here too from New Jersey. I loved their presence and all the help they provided. Felt so pampered but still feel tired. I asked my kids what would they like to eat for lunch tomorrow and thankfully they both said soup. So here I am afterRead more

Quinoa with lots of vegetables

I got super tired today by cleaning closets. I took a big home project in hand this weekend so was very busy. Does it happen to you that you get more tired in weekend catching up on your to-do list? No matter how much tired you are you need to feed your hungry kids Well,Read more