How I taught my little girl to organize her closet

Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends up. – Kate Spade

How to teach little girls to organize


My little girl used to love wearing Princess Tiana costume when she was a toddler, then as she becomes little older, she started sticking to all comfy t-shirts, leggings, and sneakers. Now she has become a huge fan of Hermione Granger, so now she likes white shirts, long socks, and cape.

Ok, so this post is not for me to go down the memory lane and browse through all the pictures of my daughter when she was a baby. This post is to share some inspirations and tips with you, a busy mom like me, seeking some peace while getting things done.

It all began when I saw my daughter going to keep one thing in her closet and then ten things will fall on her. I was not very happy when I saw that she is getting into a habit of dumping things in her closet and then getting frustrated when she doesn’t find things on time.

At that moment all I wanted to do was to yell

” Why don’t you keep your stuff properly? Who is supposed to clean this mess?”

One question flashed into my mind.

When did I ever found time to teach my princess how to keep her things organized?

Did you take the time to teach your kids? If so then great but if not then think about doing so.
Now came the big question, how should I organize her closet so that it is easier for her to maintain? When I was little, my mom used to do it for me, so I never got a habit to organize things.
After staring at the mess for few more minutes, I picked up a book.

Yes, you read it right, I picked up a book instead of helping or yelling at her at that moment. That book was The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. Did you get the picture, I didn’t google but picked up a book instead? I want to teach my daughter that answers are in the books not just on Google.


Nevertheless, after reading the book and making my daughter read some parts too, we started with collecting clothes from all over the house and dumping them on a bed. We followed the directions given in the book.

Then we made a trip to Target and got a nine cube organizer along with nine fabric cubes from Walmart. Links are provided below for these products.
After hours of sorting and folding clothes, in which my kids helped me a lot, we started putting my daughter’s clothes in the fabric cubes. I was surprised to see that those cubes which looked so small at first could hold up to twenty four t-shirts of my daughter. Later we put labels on the cubes like, t-shirt, nightclothes, leggings, winter clothes, etc.


I choose to hang her dresses, keep her hamper underneath them, so it looks clean even when it’s filled with clothes. I also folded all her ethnic wear clothes and put them in separate fabric boxes which I got from Walmart as well. Her artwork and other important papers from last year are in the boxes along with her headbands, belts, gloves, and scarfs, etc. in little baskets. I liked this little ponytail rubber bands holder. It turned out to be a very useful product for me in the morning.

Her small little things like earnings and necklaces etc. are also in the little boxes we found in the house. I liked this blue ottoman which I also got from Walmart; it comes handy to keep random stuff hidden and not become an eyesore.


how I taught my little girl to organize

With these little and easy to find things and without breaking a bank, I along with my daughter are living in a happy and easy to find everything mode now. My little darling’s closet is in this state since I made these changes this summer. It is very easy for her now to find her things and keep them back to where they belong. She picks up her clothes for all five days of school every Sunday night and hangs them on the pink hangers. The thumb rule is no more than five pink hangers should be in use. That way it keeps the closet tidy looking and me as level headed mom.

So I do encourage you to read the book and teach your kids, the art of organization. I hope my little girl learned that and will use it for rest of her life.

Here is what we did along with the links for things we used in this closet organization project. Enjoy cleaning your little girl’s closet with her and share your experiences with me.

Everyday clothes go in Nine cube organizer and fabric cubes : Link to 9 box cube and fabric boxes
Ethnic clothes go in the fabric boxes :Link
Accessories in boxes and bins : Links
Dresses on hangers : Felt hangers and pink plastic hangers
Five pairs of clothes to wear to school on pink hangers
Random things in the Oatman : Oatman
Dirty clothes in the blue hamper : Hamper

Here are links to other useful tips for busy moms. Don’t forget to share this post

Trick to get quality time with your kids

Solutions to everyday problems of busy moms

And we are back to school again

Solutions to everyday problems of busy moms

Solutions to everyday problems

I hope you enjoyed reading my post on back to school problems which most of us busy moms face in the morning. Here is the link to that post.
In this post, I will focus on the following problems and some solutions which work for me. I hope you will find some answers will apply to your life as well. Let me know; I love to hear from you all.
So why to wait, let’s start with our problem no 5.

Problem no. 5 The never ending artwork which comes back from school

This issue I can never forget. With two kids it’s like piles of papers everywhere. I have never had such a bad feeling about cutting trees to make the paper as I have now. Tons of artwork and problem is you at first place don’t want to get rid of that first year of scribbles and family pictures your little ones make. Even if one day you do find the courage to put them in the recycle bin then be watchful of those innocent eyes who are watching your actions and asking questions like “are you throwing my artwork in the garbage mummy? I made it for you.” Then you will find yourself speechless while holding those scribbles.

Are you throwing my artwork in garbage mummy? I made it for you.

Solution: I started telling my kids to put all the paperwork they bring from school immediately to the baskets or boxes. Then we look at them together before going to bed, and I tell them few encouraging words. Sometimes I frame and hang the very special ones. When the school year ends, then I say to look at the box full of paperwork and tell them to sort through it and keep which they like the most.Then comes the right moment to teach them about some recycling. By this time kids are no longer attached to their artwork, and it becomes much easy. Besides that, it’s something which keeps them busy when school is closed, and I feel happy to go over with all the memories with them. Win Win.

Problem 6. “I don’t want to do homework in my room; it’s scary there.”
We got a beautiful table for out daughter in her room, but she doesn’t want to do her homework there. Why? Tons of reasons or a better word is excuses.


Solution: I got a caddy for my kids and let them personalize it to their style. Added some pencils, colors, erasers and a book or two. Now they can sit on the dining table and do their homework without making any mess. After they finish working, they just put everything back in the caddy and keep it in one corner of the dining room. Easy right?

Problem no 7. ” I am so hungry and tired that I will fall asleep without eating if dinner if you don’t feed me in 5 mins,” ( that’s written on my toddler’s face when he comes back home).

My biggest challenge. I am still struggling with this, but this is what I have tried so far and is working for me.

Solution: I try to take a banana or some fruit with me if I go to pick him up. If I don’t have any fruit, then I try to pick him 15 mins before his peak hunger time. Then the moment we step in the house I try to get at least milk down to his little tummy. Make dinner as fast as I could while my husband tries to keep him up by engaging him in something or other or giving him a shower or little artwork. Now, days we have also started doing a star kid certificate if he finishes his dinner and has eaten his lunch and brush his teeth without getting cranky. Fingers crossed, so far it’s being working.


For quick dinner or lunch recipes do check out my blog under the category kids lunchbox ideas. I have meals which I make under 30mins.
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Bright in Blue

bright in blue

Last week I went for a networking dinner at Cornell University. It was a beautifully organized dinner for recruiters and students.
Attire was business casual. I picked this blue dress inspired by celebrities of mine which I bought from Kohl’s and paired it with a black blazer, and then realized had seen this on Reese once and voila I was right.  But I guess this is pretty famous with celebrities across the World.

Here is Parineeti Chopra in similar dresses.

parineeti in blue dress



bright in blue1

This blue dress made my night bright enough, and I felt as sassy as a celebrity would.

reese in blue

Take a look and leave your comments and just FYI this dress is on sale now.

Similar Dresses : Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3 , Link 4 

Similar Blazers :  Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3

Similar pendant: Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3

Similar Footwear:  Link 1 , Link 2 , Link 3
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And we are back to school again

back to school 5

Summer just flew in the blink of an eye. The roller coasters ride, museum visits, playing in water and sand, making bubbles in the backyard, riding bikes and sleepovers are now coming to an end.
What is going to start now are Homework, making friends, school picture day, running after the school bus in the morning and “don’t forget your lunchbox” screams.

If your kids have already started going to school then great, if not then you might be a mom like me who is trying to overcome her procrastination of getting things ready for school before the school starts. For me still one week is left, and the great thing is it’s after Labor Day, so I get that Monday too to get ready. Yes, that’s what the devil procrastination is telling me, but the blogger and Pinterest lover mom in me say I just have one week left, so I better get back to school tone setup in my system right now.
So what exactly a busy mom like me need to do before school starts?
I guess I have a pretty big list which helps me in keeping my mind at peace all year long with kids. Let me share that with you how I do it and you can share yours too in the comment section.

I first list down my problem areas as following:
1. Morning fuss made by toddler
2. Not eating lunch issue
3. Making faces at clothes by my kids ( and sometimes by me as well)
4. Missing socks saga
5. The never ending artwork which comes back from school
6. “I don’t want to do homework in my room; it’s scary there” rant
and last but not the least
7. I am so hungry and tired that I will fall asleep without eating if dinner if you don’t feed me in 5 mins, ( that’s written on my toddler’s face when he comes back home).

Ok, so now I have all the issues in front of me which not only can make my kids miss the bus but also can make me miss that morning meeting as well I just need some easy solutions to these, right?
So here is what I have tried and tested and which works sucessfully almost 99% of the time. If you know how to close the gap and make it 100%, then share with me using the comment section below.
Not everything can be compiled today in this post so I will post some solutions to some of above stated problems.

Problem no 1: How to stop your toddler from making morning fuss and making everyone in the house late?

back to school
Possible solutions:
a) Know all the possible reasons in the world he could make a fuss about and eliminate as many as possible before he wakes up. Yes, you read it right, I try to do that. For example, I know my son used to make a big fuss about brushing his teeth. So I showed him a youtube video of his favorite Hobby Kids brushing their teeth in the morning. Got him the same toothbrush, toothpaste, and even mouthwash. Now he does it much quickly and even cleans the sink after he finishes brushing. Thanks to Hobby Mom. Here is the link to that video which is now saving me 15-20 mins in the morning and a visit to the dentist.
b) Sleep on time so that you get all the rest you need to rise fresh and shine one. Have you read this before, “early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy wealthy and wise.”
c) If he still makes a fuss then put this on your refrigerator door, ” kids are kids, and you are not a kid so behave like a mature adult and don’t yell or scream unless there is a fire.”
d) Give them a hug; sometimes that calms everything down.

Problem no. 2 : Not eating lunch

Back to
Solution: Read on my posts about kids lunchbox ideas peeps. Here is the link.

Problem no 3: Making faces at the clothes in the morning.

back to school 3
Easy solution: I let my kids choose their outfits a night before. Reduce my stress level tremendously and they look good with a smile on no matter what they wear. My son wore Spider man t-shirts every day to his daycare for one whole year and yes, that is okay with me. I know they will look much prettier in the clothes I will pick from them but hey don’t judge kids based on what they are wearing, they look cute no matter what.

Problem no. 4 : Missing socks saga

back to school
Solutions: There were times I could cry over not matching socks but now when I have no time to get that eaten sock out of my washers digestive system, I started living with letting my kids mix and max socks. As long as they are of same color family, same length, and matching in one way or other, the will protect your feet so yes find the ones in your closets and put them on by yourself is the key.

Okay, so if you want to know how I solve my other problems then stay tuned, and I will post them very soon. Till then be a mom who juggles it all and stays blessed with her munchkins.
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Putting kids to their own bed – a nightmare for most of the Indian parents

SleepingHi, are you sleeping with your little ones?
Aww, they are so babyish, just born, right?

And I know you already have a plan to put them in their room at night once they grow little older. It’s totally doable, after all, you also grew out of your parent’s bed one day and are doing fine now.
And also if you put your little one now in other room, you might fall asleep and then don’t hear him cry. O! poor baby ! that would be the worse thing you will do as a parent correct?
So that means the cute little crib you bought is just to make your nursery complete? To tell the baby that ” O my love see mom and dad got you a crib, but you are too little to sleep in it, once you grow up, then you can jump on its mattress before we sell it on craigslist as good as new.”

I see lots of parents, mainly Indian going through this phase of sleeping with their babies. I have two kids and trust me all those scary thoughts like what will happen to them if I put them in other room did come to my head as well. I was also scared of like you might have been. My worse nightmare was also like yours. Especially, when I become a mother the first time, it was very hard for me also to let my baby sleep separately.
I wanted to cuddle her all the time, used to check on her in the night. But then one fine day me and my husband decided to put her in other room.

Sleeping with kids


She was 11 months old, and we put the mattress on the floor for her and went to other room. We checked on her many times that night and there she was sleeping like a princess. We were worried, that if she will crawl in the night then how would she know where to go? We wanted to make sure that she comes to us, so we put night-bulbs in the hallway which connected her room to ours and let all other house be dark enough so that she won’t go anywhere else. Yes, we are crazy parents.
Night after night, we used to check on her and sometimes she used to come to us crying in the middle of the night then depending upon our tiredness we used to let her crawl into our bed or used to take her back to her room.
That made her very independent, and she easily learned to sleep separately.

We were so happy to get our sleep back.

Why make them sleep with you? All that leads to is chronic poor sleep in the night which ultimately makes you frustrated, and that is one of the primary cause of parents making their kids act like mini adults.
No matter how hard it seems but I believe that making your child sleep in his or her bed is the bliss for your entire family.
Separation for you might be easy when they grow up but as they grow it becomes harder for them. I had a nightmare said no baby, they just cry because of hunger and soiled diaper, unlike school kids who get nightmares and take much more space on your beds.

It’s hard for you now, but don’t make it harder for them later.

Move them now.

Like, follow and share if you like my posts and what to hear more from me and also feel free to leave a comment, how did you move your child in his/ her bed or to know more ideas how to move your kid out of your bed.

Disclaimer: This is based on my personal experiences, and I am no child phycologist.

When you are not size zero


I am petite and not at all size zero. I love watching movies and a huge Bollywood fan. I still remember when I was a teenager, I used to get many of my outfits tailored to styles like Bollywood actresses. I think, I still love Bollywood fashion and whenever possible, I try to find out something similar to what celebrities wear.
This week I am wearing Kareena Kapoor inspired outfit which is within $100.  I liked the houndstooth pattern of the top, and black skirt.
Below are the links to some pieces which are similar and linked to the websites from where you can buy those.
Top : Mine was from Kohls but is now sold out. Similar and similar
Skirt : Similar and similar
celebrity inspired fashion for everyday life
This blog is my attempt to let you also believe that celebrity inspired fashion does not confine to those who are size zero or are thin, curvy and plus size women can also enjoy getting to wear something similar to their favorite celebrities. Also, the celebrity fashion can also be within budget. That piece you are inspired by is right there somewhere, on some website or onto a shelf rack waiting for you. You just need to find it.
Celebrity fashion does not confine to those who are size zero or are thin, women of any size can also enjoy wearing outfits similar to their favorite celebrities
With this blog, I might be able to help you out. Let me know what inspires you and I can help you find it.
Let me know if you have something in mind and for more inspiration of outfits follow my Pinterest boards.
Disclaimer: Pic of Kareena is not my original but is from a website linked to the image. If you have any concern about the usage of it on my website then leave a comment below.

Living 7000 miles apart


When I think about my parents, then the first thing that comes to my mind is love, love unconditional, followed by worries. I live in New York, approximately 7000 miles away from my parents who live in Delhi. Two big states with lots of people to interact with but if I don’t call my parents, then my day feels incomplete.

living 7000 miles apart
No matter whether we believe in the joint family system or are happy in our freedom generous nuclear family, we all have a special place and memory of our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins, siblings, and friends.
Every weekend if not every day we spend half of the day calling our “home”. We fight, argue, laugh, give advice, take advice, share recipes and what not with those whom we have left behind to start our life here. They remind us to call that cousin who just had a baby or to that uncle who got sick. They ask if we are eating healthy or not, advice us to do some baba Ramdev’s Alom-Vilom every morning, keep asking what we cooked, how is the weather, but most importantly every time ask us when are we coming home?

They keep asking, when will we come home?

From last many years, I have been telling my parents and my relatives and my best friend that I will come by the end of this year or mid of next year but due to something or other not able to visit them. Someone asked me once that though I am living my dream life don’t I miss my home Country and my parents? Did I left everyone and my parents behind and became selfish just to think of ways to improve my life?

living 7000 miles part11

That question left me speechless, and like a little girl I called my mom to ask her if she feels the same.

I asked my mom, am I too busy chasing my dreams that I don’t think any more about what my parent’s and my in-laws wishes and dreams are? I know I worry many times about their health, and about the increasing pollution they live in while I am sniffing the fresh morning air, the crime rate in their city, the list of my worries goes on and on. I do admit though that when my day starts with sending kids to school and rushing to a very demanding job I do forget about any other thing and things that worry me during those times are to pick up kids on time, to finish my project on time to pay that bill, etc.
So, when I asked my mom and my in-laws about what they think about us living so many miles away from them the answer was ” there is nothing in this world which can make them more happy than to see us being happy.” Their dreams and wishes are now tied up with our dreams. They do miss us a lot and at times they probably need us to be physically there, but they don’t want us to give up on our dreams for them. They consider that their defeat. All the sacrifices they have done so far were to make us achieve what we want to achieve, and now they are happy that we are living our dream life.

Isn’t what we would also want for our children and will be more happy then sad if they ever have to live that far from us to fulfill their dreams?

I don’t think I am self-centered here. It’s just that the unconditional love of our parents is greater than any distance, and that’s what we also have to pour onto our children.

Even we are miles apart what ties us together is the unconditional love.

Love you mummy and papa and miss you every day of my life.

Mixed vegetable soup- An Indian recipe

Mixed vegetable soup for kids lunch box - nutritious and delicious. This soup is super easy to cook and your kids will love eating it.

This weekend I was sick, and our friends were here too from New Jersey. I loved their presence and all the help they provided. Felt so pampered but still feel tired. I asked my kids what would they like to eat for lunch tomorrow and thankfully they both said soup. So here I am after making soup with all the good stuff for tomorrow’s lunch box sharing this easy recipe with you. It’s not only good for kids, but I feel it’s one of the best things to have when you are down with the flu or have a sore throat.
The beauty about this soup is you can choose whichever vegetables you have at home. Even picky eaters who don’t like eating vegetables can get the all the nutrition from this soup.

Kids lunch box: Mixed vegetable soup

Prep Time             Cook Time           Total Time
15 mins                      15 mins                     30 mins

Ingredients                                                                 Mixed vegetables soup for kids lunchbox- healthy and delicious
2 stalks celery
3-4 cauliflower florets
1 potato
4 tomatoes
1 bell pepper
1 cup mixed vegetables
1 small zucchini
1 cup small shell pasta
1-2 cloves
2 Tbsp tomato ketchup
2 Tbsp olive oil
2-3 cups water
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste

1. Boil tomatoes and clove along with other vegetables except bell pepper, zucchini and celery in water for 10 mins.
2. Drain the vegetables and keep the remaining water.
3. Puree the tomatoes.
4. Cook pasta till it is all done.
5. Chop bell pepper, zucchini and celery in small pieces.
6. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat and add bell pepper, zucchini and celery to it and saute for few minutes.
7. Add tomato puree and ketchup and let it cook for few mins.
8. Add the remaining water in which vegetables were boiled.
9. Add remaining vegetables and pasta.
10. Add salt and pepper and let it boil for few minutes.

Serve it with toasted bread.
Enjoy this soup with your kids and for recipes with mixed vegetable check these recipes of Quinoa with lots of vegetablesquick and easy pav-bhajiVegetables packed khichdi and vegetable pulao for kids,

Quinoa with lots of vegetables

I got super tired today by cleaning closets. I took a big home project in hand this weekend so was very busy. Does it happen to you that you get more tired in weekend catching up on your to-do list?

No matter how much tired you are you need to feed your hungry kids

Well, let me get back to the business, no matter how much tired you are you need to feed your hungry kids. So I made Quinoa with lots of vegetables for kids since it cooks in no time and is very nutritious.
I heard about Quinoa last year. When I got to know that it’s all packed with protein, you can imagine the amount of happiness it gave me. Being a vegetarian, I do get concerned now and then about the amount of protein I give to my kids. Quinoa is the perfect meal and adding lot of vegetables make it very healthy and delicious. It is definitely a keeper in your pantry.

Quinoa is definitely a keeper in the pantry.

Here is the recipe from my kitchen of equal parts of Quinoa and vegetables. It is very similar to making pulao. You can check my other recipes here and here with lots of vegetables.

Kids lunchbox:   Quinoa with lots of vegetables


Prep Time        Cook Time        Total Time
10 mins                 15 mins                 25 mins

1 cup Quinoa
1 cup mixed vegetables
1 Potato
½ Onion
1 Tomato
2 ½ cups water
2 Tbsp oil

1 Tbsp cumin seeds
1 tsp cumin powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp garam masala
1 tsp red chili powder
Salt to taste


  1. Wash Quinoa many times. I prefer using a strainer.20160228_101552_Richtone(HDR)
  2. In a deep pan heat oil.
  3. Add cumin seeds and when they start to sizzle add chopped onion and saute for a couple of minutes.
  4. Add turmeric powder.
  5. Add chopped potatoes and saute for a couple of more minutes.
  6. Add mixed vegetables, chopped tomato, chili powder, cumin and coriander powder.
  7. Saute for a couple of more minutes and add quinoa.
  8. Add garam masala and black pepper and saute for one more minute.
  9. Add water and cover the pot. Put the heat on high.
  10. When water starts boiling, simmer the heat on the lowest settings till quinoa is fully cooked.

You can add more or fewer spices as per your taste. My kids cannot handle many spices so I try to keep them on the lower end. Enjoy making quinoa and leave your suggestions, in the comments below, on other protein options for a vegetarian family. Follow me on my facebook and Pinterest.

Pyaz (Onion) Parantha for kids lunchbox

Monday is back and schools are reopened after Winter break. Weather is also little better than before. I am excited and all set to prepare lunch for my kids.

Why am I so excited? Last Friday my daughter told me how happy she felt when her couple of friends told her that she is lucky since she brings food from home and they wish to bring lunch from home too. I think, we all love food cooked by our moms the most.

We all love food cooked by our moms the most.

When I was little, I used to be a very picky eater and my mom used to figure out all kinds of ways to make sure I eat my food. Today’s recipe, Pyaz parantha, takes me down to my school days. Many times I used to share my lunch with my best friend. She also used to love eating paranthas made by mom.

Today’s post is dedicated to my mom and also to all the moms who bring a smile on their kids faces and feel happy making lunch for their kids.

Making pyaz parantha does not need a lot of ingredients but is a little tricky. It needs some practice. What makes it hard to make is that onions start sweating as soon as salt is added to them. When you try to make these delicious paranthas make sure you chop onions just right before making them.

Following is the recipe with little tips and tricks and pictures to help busy moms like me who are finding a time and ways to cook something new and delicious for their kids.

Pyaz Parantha for kids lunchbox

Pyaz Parantha
Prep Time              Cook Time           Total Time
10 mins                       5 mins                      15 mins

1 Onion
2 cups whole wheat flour
Some water to knead the flour
Salt to taste
½ tsp black pepper
½ tsp red chili powder
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro
1 tsp chopped ginger
½ tsp amchur powder
Pinch of Ajwain (carom seeds)
2-3 Tbsp Ghee


  1. Put water in 1 cup wheat flour as needed and knead into a soft dough. I love my KitchenAid for that. It’s super easy to operate and save my time. Leave rest of the flour to roll paranthas.
  2. Chop onions into very small pieces.
  3. Add rest of the ingredients to onions and mix properly. Add salt at the end and mix again. Stuffing is ready.
  4. Take small amount dough in hand and make a roll. 20160217_190351
  5. Roll dough on a flat surface using a rolling pin and make a small roti. Use remaining flour as needed so that the roti doesn’t stick with rolling pin or on a flat surface.Pyaz Parantha
  6. Add a small amount of onion stuffing on the roti. If you see some water in your stuffing then put the stuffing in your palms and squeeze the water out before adding it to roti. 20160217_190503
  7. Pick opposite corners of the roti and join together.20160217_190520
  8. Also, join other two sides and dust some flour on it.20160217_190543
  9. Roll again. Don’t put too much pressure while rolling otherwise stuffing will come out.pyaz parantha
  10. Heat a pan or tawa on high flame and put parantha on it.20160217_190355
  11. After few seconds flip the parantha and add some ghee.
  12. When parantha looks little cooked flip it again and add more ghee.Pyaz parantha
  13. Cook till both sides are done.
  14. Add more ghee and wrap it in a foil paper to keep in a lunch box.
  15. Serve with yogurt.

My kids love eating these paranthas and with some practice it gets easier to make these. One medium size onion can be used to make 2-3 parathas.Let me know if you also like paranthas. For other kids lunchbox recipes click here.